In my younger years, I started using disposable cameras, attracted by their lightness and ease of use in order to capture my vision of the world. The intensive use of these devices led me to master a strong instinctive technique and a personal sense of composition and framing. Also, aiming from the hip was already a necessity in the process of taking pictures.
20 years later, the fervor found a second wind when i discovered Lomography*, its philosophy and the whole range of analog devices it offers. In the mid-2000, using these instruments that allow all sorts of experiments, i explored new paths in my work.

My photographic style is nourished by light wobbly, saturated colors and intense contrasts. Sometimes, blurring the tracks by multiplying exposures, and consequently the reading levels of the image.

The results you see here are only the fruit of a combination of analog cameras, old expired slide films (from the 60′ to early 2000) and black and white.

No digital manipulations

Many of my photos have been awarded by the Lomographic Society International

Past exhibitions

-October 24th 2015 – Vitamin D @ Lomography Paris
-September 10th 2015 – SHAKE3 @ LE PANAME – République – Paris
-August 2015 – Ladies @ Gordon Hotel Tel aviv
-December 2014- Creepy dolls and Broken Faces @ 4 Elements Gallery – Paris
-September 2014 – Summer Exposure – B58 Gallery – Paris.
-September 2012 – SHAKE² @ LE PANAME – République – Paris
-December 2011 – L.A pas mal du tout @ Le Christine – St Germain – Paris
-August 2008 – Flat view @ Appartement Galerie – Nice

Conceiving the exhibitions as audio-visual experiences, I create music selections you can explore through my Mixcloud.

I’m available for exhibitions and shootings, personal or professional.

All my pictures are on sale, contact me for further details.